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“Because I’ve got spark, spunk and sass in spades and I’m not afraid to admit / show it!” ~ Bree Hogan

Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event?

Bree Hogan is a dynamic powerhouse who delivers an inspiring keynote address on the power of the human spirit, digging into your innate resilience, and rising stronger than ever after challenges and crises.

In November 2005…

at just 24 years of age, Bree became critically ill with an autoimmune, neurological disorder known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Within a mere three days of onset, Bree found herself lying in a hospital bed, completely paralysed, her body systematically shutting down. 

Bree could never have imagined

that wheelchairs, walking sticks, pain medications and physical therapy would become her new reality. That she would be legally recognised as a person with a disability, and yet, because she didn’t fit the societal-constructed disability mould or ‘look,’ be subjected to constant scrutiny and comments of “but you don’t look sick!”

Bree could never have imagined

that she would need to relearn and relive baby’s first milestones all over again, only this time as a young adult. Crawl, walk, talk, feed yourself, dress yourself …the list goes on.

Bree could never have imagined

that she would be pushed to the brink of physical pain limits day after day, year after year, with seemingly no end in sight.

The silver lining …

Bree is living proof that a person can still sparkle and shine despite the adversity and oftentimes shitty cards that can be dealt.

Bree’s experience drove her to discover

the tools and strategies to not just survive her circumstances, but to THRIVE in life. She now works to inspire others to find the strength to overcome any obstacles life may throw at them, turning lemons into lemonade.

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Contact her at bree@starbritewarrior.com

“I’m a call-it-as-I-see it, no BS, no sugar-coating kinda gal. It’s how I serve you best.

I was the kid that at age 3, marched through a group of teenage boys loitering at the shopping centre, and told them in no uncertain terms to “Get out my way you d***heads!” Yes, cue the major mortification from my Mum and the collective jaws of the boys hitting the pavement that such an angelic looking child could have such a mouth on her!”

“Bree spoke for Fusion Biz Co and has such an amazing story to share. Fair to say she definitely captured the hearts and minds of our members by sharing her story in an authentic and moving way. We all walked away so inspired – if Bree can achieve what she has, then who are we not to reach for our goals too!”

Ashley Matković

Owner | Fusion Biz Co., Perth's Leading Small Business Community for Female Entrepreneurs