Kick Ass After Guillain-Barre Syndrome 6 Week Program

You’re destined for far more than just waiting to feel better!

I’m beyond excited to bring this program to you and help you Kick Ass After GBS! The live interaction and coaching you get from me, in addition to the support of our community, is the core reason why this program works! With Miracle Bubba making their entrance in the not-to-distant future, I’ve paused program intakes for now, so I can practice what I preach and not run around like a crazy person when my mind and body are calling me to slow down and enjoy the journey. 

Once kiddo is here and we’ve got some sort of routine down – I know, I live in la la land, routine and kids, who am I kidding?! – then we will launch again!

Until then, jump on the waiting list to be the first to know when things go live. And don’t worry, we aren’t going into baby lockdown over here, I’ll still be regularly sharing valuable content to keep you bouncing forward with your journey, whether it’s here on the Blog or in our private, Women’s Only Facebook Community

This course found YOU because you ARE ready to take the necessary steps to success!

You are moments away from stepping back into your power and kicking ass after Guillain Barre Syndrome!

I want to show you how.

What It’s About

This 6 week program is designed to help you Kick Ass After GBS!

Its all about simplifying the journey and creating a network & support system so you don’t have to do it all on your own.

You’ll have access to coaching & 1-1 mentoring from me from the comfort of your own home + an amazing community of women who will inspire and support you on every step of your journey!

What This Program Covers

Mindset / Attitudinal Adjustment

Expectations vs. Recovery Reality

Get in the Drivers Seat of Your Healing Journey (Empowerment)

Creating Community (Get Connected)

Learn your triggers + how to manage them

Dare to Dream! (The Phoenix Rises)

This Program is PERFECT for You If…

You’re ready to take the driver seat and TAKE ACTION!

This Program is NOT for You If…

You’re not ready or not willing to put in the work!

You’re looking for a magic pill to get your health back on track. Let me tell you, there is no such thing. If that is what you are looking for, then this program is NOT for you.

What’s Included?

6 x weekly live FB calls into the private FB community

2 x 45 min phone calls with me

3 x days of Voxer support with me per week (reply within 48 hours)

Access to the private FB community for support and connection btw sessions

Why Work With Me?

Real-Life Experience

This is the absolute kicker. I could stop right now with the bullet points, haha! In a nutshell – you want to learn from someone who GETS IT! I’ve got 14.5 years post GBS experience under my belt and I’m thriving!

(Keen to read the FULL story? Read it HERE.)

The Profesh Side Of Things…

  • Internationally Certified Holistic Health Coach (specialisation in Gut and Hormone Health)
  • Master Aromatherapy Diploma (ACOA Dip M.aroma)
  • Certified Essential Oils Coach.
  • Ex-corporate stress head and ladder-climber.

In a nutshell – I’ve got the formal credentials and experience to properly educate you on the holistic health side of things, which is something you have absolute control over in your life and is gonna be KEY to helping you Kick Ass After GBS!

Have a read of some of my client testimonials below, I daresay they will give you the confidence to know I’ve Got Your Back on this one!

“As a fully accredited Internationally certified holistic wellness coach, I find Starbrite Warrior aka Bree to be a phenomenal source of inspiration for holistic wellness support.

I’ve attended many educational classes (in-person & online) & found their content to be informative & invaluable – she always finds the right balance of scientifically backed educational content delivered with a very healthy dose of sparkly humour!

Over the years I’ve loved following Starbrite’s Blog – her writing always puts a smile on my face & I’m guaranteed to have loads of laugh out loud moments (LOLs!) – as well as reading her published creative writing in Huffington Post, Elephant Journal & Tiny Buddha. She has written about her fiercely empowered approach to living oh-so-brilliantly-&-brightly with illness/disability, & Starbrite shines-like-the-Star☆-she-is at showing us how she navigates thru life experiences with a perfect mix of insightful thoughtfulness, self reflection & her unique quirky humour.

Im grateful to acknowledge that Bree has helped support me thru my own journey living with & eventually healing chronic illness & 2 global chronic pain conditions. Her own remarkable journey coming back from GBS, learning how to rehab, rebuild & absolutely thrive in life like the bright Star she is, is a shining testament to her incredible driving spirit & is inspiration to anyone living with any health challenge – particularly chronic pain – & serves to guide us so that we too can live our best life & thrive!

Christiana Dinse

“I reached out to Bree in 2019, as a mother whose daughter had contracted Guillain-Barre Syndrome whilst on family holiday in Malaysia in 2018.

Out of the acute stage, yet far from the picture of this loosely worded “100% recovery” termed by many of the health professionals we were involved with. Our daughter was plagued with general malaise, debilitating fatigue, pain, nausea etc. Her inability to attend school and the myriad of other activities that still eluded us were to cause stress, anxiety, frustration and anger.

I was on a quest for knowledge and understanding when I found Bree. After conversing with Bree I soon realised that she also had an insatiable thirst to understand the full impact of GBS and to gain tools in aiding not only her own recovery but also that of others. She generously gave up her time to meet with my family. This first meeting was incredibly confronting for my husband and I.

Bree provided us with our first real insight into what the residuals of GBS truly are. Our daughter instantly warmed to her, and Bree provided a safe place for them both to share their stories. This was a mutual validation of their ongoing symptoms which at that point were being dismissed by the specialist forum. This enabled all of us to let go and accept that the current space we were in was in fact the new norm and that measures needed to be taken to ensure our daughter received the space, time and understanding she required to heal in her own time. This was invaluable for her and for our whole family unit.

Bree continues to make herself available to us, and she has become someone we adore. We are so grateful for her ongoing support and insight.”

Vanessa & Lance Bramley

“Bree is a wonderful person and coach and her story is worth spreading.”